Our vision of event management

Over many congresses our agency has analysed the needs of research communities and gathered the requirements of the chairpersons. From this we have designed a tool with them in mind. Starting from a blank sheet, we have added to our software suite a reviewing tool based on submissions, and a platform for planning programmes by day or by session. Available at a reasonable price, it makes the selection committee’s work easier and guarantees the traceability of the papers submitted, alongside with the bookings management process.

Conference centres and visitors bureaus now use Vert Com in order to offer their clients a support which is tailor-made for research communities. Utilizing the services of a specialist PCO gives them the best chance of success in their event organization.

Adopting sound environmental practices

In event organization as in communication, adopting environmentally responsible procedures stems from the realization that an event or action can be economically effective, socially fair and ecologically virtuous. This can be achieved by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, systematically using local providers, striving for efficiency and sustainability in the choice of services … reaching the ecological goal by all means available.

We are committed to encouraging our clients to follow this approach and then to guiding them in their choices; whether it’s booking a venue, hiring caterers and carriers, producing communication supports, etc. This only makes sense if people are made aware of the underlying principles, explaining why certain actions and procedures have been selected. For example justifying the choice of one venue rather than another (proximity to public transport), or a caterer (preference for local products, in season), or paperless rather than printed communication.

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