They longed for it – Vert Com has delivered it! Designed jointly with the Tours-based agency Ackwa, our conference planning tool comes in response to requests formulated by the organizers of scientific events themselves.

From the list of bids selected verbally following the call for papers, the programme is constructed by simple drag and drop, per day, per session and per topic. An indispensable complement to the reviewing tool developed by Vert Com and its partner MG Freelance, this intuitive interface, designed with chairpersons in mind, will save them precious time and will avoid speakers getting lost en route…

Following from this planning of lectures and the highlights of the day (breaks, meals, poster sessions, visits, etc.), the tool generates a table which can be modified in Excel, published on the congress site or printed on the programme paper version.

The planning tool is available either in conjunction with the submission/registration tool or on its own and requires no specific software, just an internet browser. It works both in French and English, and was specially developed for research communities, scientific societies, laboratories, etc.

Download the presentation file, or better still ask for the demo!